You have one hour to escape. Are you able to handle the pressure? Do you have what it takes? Let's find out.

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Three games, each taking you through multiple rooms! Each game provides an entirely different play style.  When designing escape games, we make sure to design them to be approachable for people of all physical capabilities and ages, leaving no one at a disadvantage. We aim to provide an opportunity for intense cooperation, inspiring people to work together. Not only will the games present a formidable challenge, but with the clock counting down on you the pressure is on! Since the games are so challenging, we recommend groups no smaller than four people for a better chance at success.

Escaping Death Row

You're a convict of a maximum security prison and you're trying to find your way out! There is nothing that will save you except problem solving skills, creativity, and resourcefulness. Set yourself free or stay locked up for ever!

Serial Killer

You are in a hostage situation - Trying to find clues in order to escape the serial killer's home. He's testing your basic knowledge to see if you're smart enough to survive. You have 60 Minutes to find you way out or perish!

Bank Heist

You've had enough of paying those pesky bills. We're giving you 60 minutes to try and find a way to unlock the fortunes behind the high security vault doors. Our best advice? Move quickly before the time runs out! 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Escape if you can

Find the clues, give answers and find your way out! Discover what lies beyond your wildest imagination and escape from our fun.

Perfect for Who?

Companies And Events

Company events and regular team building occasions can be effective but they are often boring and pointless activities. If you want to experience an exciting and fun way to create bonds with your colleagues and learn the art of teamwork, BreakOut games is for you! Our rooms are filled with puzzles and brain-wrecking riddles offering your team rewarding challanges and lasting memories.

Friends And Families

Spending a night in a bar with your friends or playing board games with your family can be super fun, but why don't you bring the game to the next level? In BreakOut Games' awesome rooms you will find plenty of fun and joy that will strengthen the bonds that brings us together. We're offering you memories that will last forever.

Tourists And Travelers

After seeing the sights of our beautiful city and sitting in every bar and restaurant that deserves attention you will realize that your journey has just been started! Mark our place on your map as the next step of your holiday route, because your greatest adventure awaits in our rooms!

Escape if you can

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You've got to think to get outside. Are you brave enough to get locked in our rooms?